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Lascar Volcano (NASA, July 1995). With the exception of the road (light-colored, linear feature) along the eastern edge of the great salt flat, Salar De Atacama (left middle), little evidence of human presence can be observed in this remote and arid region of northern Chile. Characterized by dramatic elevation changes, numerous volcanic features and a variety of eolian and fluvial landforms can be identified in this arid environment.

The western side (left) of the image is roughly 2286 m above sea level. Just 40 km to the east, the average elevation of the Andes Mountains increases to about 5486 m. Several stratovolcanoes, including Lascar Volcano, may be recognized by a pronounced radial drainage (erosional) pattern on the flanks of the volcanoes. Lascar Volcano, located  by the V-shaped ash plume that extends eastward from the April 1993 eruption, is barely discernible. Several highly reflective (whitish) salars (salt flats) are scattered throughout the high altitude terrain. The boundaries of two large salars (Salar De Aquas Calientes-center of image- and Salar De Quisquiro-near upper right corner) can be mapped. The darker, somewhat paralleling lines, aligned east-west along the western slopes of the Andes Mountains (left edge), are fluvial landforms; while, the less distinct features (paralleling lines in the upper right corner) are the result of eolian processes.


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